Chateau de Queille
Château de Queille sits perched dramatically amidst the wooded foothills of the Pyrenees. Overlooking the breathtaking scenery, it is encircled by the river below and much like a fairytale castle. Nico and Rachel Lethbridge discovered Queille 25 years ago, fell in love and have been restoring it ever since.

The property is tranquil and secluded, surrounded by a land famous for its beauty, its Cathar castles and historic legacy. Set in 22 acres of private grounds, Queille is only 45 minutes from Carcassonne airport and an hour and a quarter from Toulouse. An imposing 18th century structure houses a comfortable and homely interior that adds to the romance of the setting.

Every odd year, the Château holds the Queille Festival. Click here for more information.
The Château is also available for private hire. Click here for more information, or to make an enquiry, email